The Robinsons

A foundation of quality and design.

THE DOCTRINE OF TIMELESS VALUE. Formwerks Boutique Properties, an extension of Formwerks Architectural, is known for its classic collection of multi-family developments. Established in the art of architecture, Formwerks exercises an excellence in designing and developing residences that illustrate a subtle uniqueness and display an elegant stature. The living experiences are intimate in nature and mindful in quality. Homes by Formwerks are built with an enduring stamp of integrity.

THE ARTISTIC QUOTIENT. An architect at heart, and a passionate leader in the Vancouver architecture scene, Jim is the Founder and President of Formwerks Architectural and Formwerks Boutique Properties, acting as the mastermind behind the timelessly designed projects. Fueled by a desire to design homes that embody architectural integrity, Jim is inspired to create purpose-driven, intentional spaces with an emphasis on character.

A GREAT RESPECT FOR DESIGN. Founded in 1988 by Jim Bussey, Formwerks Architectural possesses a design portfolio of over 600 custom single-family and 2500 multi-family homes, and have become a comprehensive firm encompassing development, interior design, landscape design, and marketing. Their international portfolio of single-family, multi-family, commercial, and destination properties bears the classic ideology of elegance in architectural form, standing apart without pretense. Having designed more single-family homes than anyone in Vancouver’s history, Formwerks has grown into a well-rounded and distinguished pillar of the industry.