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Introducing FLOK™

Home Reimagined

As a long-time practitioner of townhome living, we’ve come to understand the mechanics of family, and we know that the possibilities of home and life should be endless. We developed FLOK™ — a design philosophy that carries a home through all of a family’s stages, planned or otherwise. While the structure, the surfaces are solid, there’s a versatility to how space is used.

“Gone is the need for different areas in the home to have a separate and defined use.”

– Jim Bussey, Owner & President of Formwerks

FLOK - Lock-off Suites

Lock-off Suite

Just as single-family homes use basement suites to help with mortgage payments or provide housing for extended family, lock-off suites in townhomes are valuable accomplices in keeping life’s continuum running smoothly. With a separate entrance, appliances, and a bathroom, the experiences are infinite.

FLOK - Flex Space / Den

Flex Space / Den

In a typical townhome, flex space may be no larger than a pantry — not especially useful for anything but storage. But FLOK™ flex spaces are large enough to double as an office, yoga studio or gym, home schooling or play area. They are purposeful, not an afterthought. There are other places in the home where you can store your road bike, childhood mementos, or outdoor gear for your next adventure.

FLOK - Kitchen


There’s a magnetic draw to the kitchen — there always has been and there always will be. Outside of making meals, the kitchen is where friends and family flock for comfort. Calendar syncing over breakfast, conversations that change a life’s trajectory, late-night confessionals, a child’s first major (and messy) school project. They all happen in the heart and soul of home.

FLOK - Living / Dining Area

Living / Dining Area

A big, open space that brings people together. What’s this for? Lounging, eating, exercising, working, dancing, entertaining, gaming, playing, crafting, conference calling, art displaying, schooling… and on and on. To make this space compatible to so many functions, it’s bright and airy, with high ceilings and perfect proportions. There is flexibility to define zones within the larger area. Arranging furniture becomes a delight, not a frustration.

For Good Measure

Note: Not all features available in all homes.

There are more details that make a home, a day flow without hiccups. Some seem inconsequential in the beginning, but you’ll soon come to see their significance as life unfolds. We designed for your today and for your future.
Outdoor Space

Patios, balconies, and rooftop decks - these essential spaces are fitted with BBQ rough-ins, electrical outlets, and hose bibs.


Everything has its own place. Home is designed to comfortably fit your vacuum, coats, winter tires, luggage, and whatever else you need to live.

Home Automation & Future Proofing

Lighting controls, pre-wired alarm systems, and other upgradable home automation systems are planned ahead of time in townhomes featuring FLOK™ design.